Keto Butter Pie

Combine several of the most staple keto ingredients together and what do you get? A buttery, delicious keto butter pie of course!

Buttery Keto Butter Pie


Butter pie is a sister recipe to the more well-known butter cake. You may have heard it called many things over the years including butter pie, butter cake, and butter dessert.

The variations stem from how the dessert is made. Some names seem to stem from creator preference. A lot of recipe creators even throw the name “ooey gooey” in when describing it.


Instead of butter pie, you might more familiar with its cake sibling. Most of the time this is described as “Kentucky Butter Cake,” “Ooey Gooey Cake,” “Ooey Gooey Kentucky Butter Cake,” or “Gooey Butter Pie.”

I am not really sure what exactly is Kentucky about it, but it must have stemmed from a regional recipe within the state.

Or perhaps that is just a moniker it was given somewhere along the way.


As far as similarities, there are very few. The lone similarity, really, is that both desserts use butter as a cornerstone ingredient.

Of course, both are sweet. And, depending on how they turn out, it can be considered “gooey.”

However, that is about where the similarities end. Most obviously, this is a pie, not a cake and therefore, is very dissimilar in that regard.


The list of ingredients for keto butter pie is short and simple. You’ll need to round up the following six ingredients before making this pie.

For the crust…

For the filling…

Hopefully, these stock keto ingredients are sitting in your pantry and refrigerator ready to use!


If you peruse our site a lot, you will notice that we recommend monk fruit sweetener for almost all of our sweets recipes.

In fact, it is our sweetener of choice for everything sweet except our ice creams (powdered erythritol just works so much better).


Monk fruit, otherwise known in China as “luo han guo,” is a member of the gourd family. The fruits are naturally sweet but are such without fructose or sucrose.

Instead, the fruits contain something called mogrosides, which are naturally sweet but are chemically different than sugar.


The reason monk fruit is one of the best sweeteners for anyone looking to reduce their sugar and carbohydrate intake is that it has no glycemic index.

Simply put, this means ingesting monk fruit has no effect on your blood sugar whatsoever. No rise in blood sugar is exactly what you are aiming for on a ketogenic or low-carb diet.

Without a rise in blood sugar, your body isn’t signaled to store the food you are eating as fat. This is one of the major factors in carbohydrate-based diets and weight gain.


Most sweetener brands use dextrose or another binding agent to attach the sweetener to. These binders can cause a spike in blood sugar, much like regular sugar can.

Because of this, these brands, though using approved sweeteners like monk fruit, are not fit for a keto/low-carb diet.

Unlike a lot of monkfruit-based sweeteners you find in the store, Lakanto combines monk fruit with erythritol to form their sweetener. Like monk fruit, erythritol is also a non-glycemic sweetener.

Because of this, Lakanto is the best solution to get a wonderful sweetness, all while ensuring blood sugar levels don’t spike or rise.


  1. Preheat oven to 375˚F
  2. Mix all of the crust ingredients together in a mixing bowl
  3. Use the mixture to create a crust in the bottom of a 9″ glass pie plate
  4. Bake the crust in the oven for 7 minutes
  5. Remove crust from oven and reduce temperature to 350˚F
  6. In a separate mixing bowl, use a hand mixer to combine all of the filling ingredients
  7. After making sure the filling is well mixed, pour into the pie plate over the crust
  8. Place back into the oven for 35 – 40 minutes or until the top starts to turn golden to a golden brown
  9. Remove from oven and let cool for at least 1 – 2 hours (preferably long enough that the pie has time to cool through and the filling to set up fully)
  10. Slice and enjoy!


Unfortunately, no. This pie requires baking to achieve the correct consistency and texture.

Even though the ingredients don’t necessarily need to be cooked (with the exception of the eggs) to harden back when cooled, a no-bake option for this keto butter pie is just not a possibility.

Buttery Keto Butter Pie


Somewhat similar, yes. However, there are several key differences between this and a custard pie.

Typically, custard pies are formed with a filling base of milk or cream, egg yolks, sweetener, and vanilla extract.

Keto butter pie, however, utilizes butter, cream cheese, and eggs as its filling base.

If you are looking for a recipe that is more along the lines of a custard pie, check out our Keto Sugar Cream Pie. It’s also delicious and much more like a custard pie!


When making this recipe, really either type of butter (salted or unsalted) will work. As a general rule, though not specified in the recipe, I always use salted butter when cooking.

I like the taste better and I am not overly concerned with the bit of added salt it contains. Always remember that salt brings out the flavors of the dish!

However, the choice is yours. Use whichever butter you have or like the best!


Storing butter pie is incredibly easy. The simplest way to keep it is to cover the top of the pie plate with either plastic wrap or aluminum foil and store in the refrigerator.

This pie will keep for several days, chilled without issue.

Alternatively, you can slice the pie and store in air-tight containers instead of the pie plate. Our favorites are these rectangle glass food storage containers.

If you are planning to bake this pie in advance of a holiday or gathering, it would be best to only do so a day in advance if possible. Of course, the best method is to bake the day you plan to serve it.


Of course, you can! As long as the mixture is made properly, you can make butter pie in whatever size (or shape) dish you prefer. The crust can easily be broken into smaller dishes and the filling poured in.

Do keep in mind, however, if using smaller dishes, make sure to check constantly while in the oven. The cooking time for smaller portions will take less time than what is listed below.

In fact, smaller pies will cook much faster than larger ones, so be careful to not let them burn.

Buttery Keto Butter Pie


You most certainly do not. You can just as easily pour the filling mixture into the pie plate and bake it as is.

Do know that this will affect the baking time somewhat, and you should take care to ensure the bottom isn’t burning. All ovens cook differently and some may heat unevenly.

Because of this, there is more of a possibility of the bottom of the filling to burn when not using a crust.



The best way to reheat butter pie is to reheat it in the oven. The goal, of course, is to heat the pie through without starting to cook it again.

Preheat your oven to 300˚F. Warm your keto butter pie slice for roughly 8 minutes before removing.

If you are warming more than a slice, add 4 minutes to the warming time.


While the microwave is certainly an option, it can often change the taste.

Artificial sweeteners, even monk fruit, can skew the flavor when heated quickly in a microwave.

Heat your piece of pie for roughly 1 minute before removing.

If the piece is still not warmed through after the first minute, heat in 15-second intervals until the desired temperature is reached.


We get asked a lot… Can I use my sweetener of choice with this recipe?

The answer is a simple yes.

However, please know that when we create recipes, we only work with the sweetener mentioned in the recipe. Other sweeteners might contain additives and therefore more carbs.

Some sweeteners will not be as sweet and will require more than the stated amount.

You will have to use a bit of experimentation to make sure you reach the desired sweetness.

For more information about the sweetener we used for this pie, reference the information above about monk fruit sweeteners.


Unfortunately, no, it can’t.

The ingredients used in butter pie don’t allow it to be frozen. During thawing, some of the ingredients in the pie would separate and leave you with a gooey mess.

And that not exactly a yummy gooey mess either.

The other issue is that heating and cooling artificial sweeteners can lead to taste problems. I don’t know the exact chemistry behind it, but for some reason, different sweeteners react differently to heating and cooling multiple times.

Freezing would be ideal and convenient but definitely plan on eating the pie within a few days of making it.

For more information about storing your keto butter pie, reference the storage information above.


This delicious butter pie is a great end to an endless number of main courses. It’s creamy, sweet, and ultra-tasty, so it makes the perfect dessert for any meal.

If you need some ideas, here are a few of our favorites:

For more ideas, you can check out our recipe index, or check out all of our main course recipes.


Really the only topping we would consider to be good to add would be a dollop of whipped cream.

If you decide you’d like to do this, take a few moments while the pie is baking to whip up some Keto Whipped Cream. It’s super easy to make and takes only moments to whip up!

If you find a topping that you love that works well with butter pie, let us know in the comments below!


Click on the links to see the items used in making this recipe. You can also find these products linked in the recipe below.

  • Hand Mixer – A hand mixer can make a big difference in your cooking. Using a whisk works, but a good hand mixer can reduce your workload by a lot!
  • Glass Pie Plate – Sure you can use other baking dishes, but a glass pie plate is one of the most versatile baking/storage/serving dishes you can own.
Keto Butter Pie

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Keto Butter Pie

Keto Butter Pie

Yield: 8 servings
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Additional Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 3 hours

Combine several of the most staple keto ingredients together and what do you get? A buttery, delicious keto butter pie of course!


For the crust...

For the filling...


  1. Preheat oven to 375˚F
  2. Mix all of the crust ingredients together in a mixing bowl
  3. Use the mixture to create a crust in the bottom of a 9" glass pie plate
  4. Bake the crust in the oven for 7 minutes
  5. Remove crust from oven and reduce temperature to 350˚F
  6. In a separate mixing bowl, use a hand mixer to combine all of the filling ingredients
  7. After making sure the filling is well mixed, pour into the pie plate over the crust
  8. Place back into the oven for 35 - 40 minutes or until the top starts to turn golden to golden brown
  9. Remove from oven and let cool for at least 1 - 2 hours (preferably long enough that the pie has time to cool through and the filling to set up fully)
  10. Slice and enjoy!

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Nutrition Information
Yield 8 Serving Size 1 slice
Amount Per Serving Calories 330Total Fat 24gCarbohydrates 3gProtein 5g
Nutrition facts are provided as a courtesy, sourced from an online food databse. All carbohydrate counts are calculated as net carbs instead of total. Net carb count excludes both fiber and sugar alcohols, because these do not affect blood sugar in most people. We try to be accurate, but feel free to make your own calculations.

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  1. If pecans and chocolate chips were added it would be almost like a Kentucky Derby Pie.

  2. If I make this in mini muffin cups, will they release from the wrapper okay?? Nothing worse than your delicious creation being destroyed by the wrapper!!

    • Logan Childress


      I would think so, but I honestly can’t answer that. I’ve never made them in cupcake form before.

  3. From the ingredients and flavor, I would most certainly liken it to Gooey Butter Pie/Cake, originated in St. Louis, Missouri by most accounts. I used 1/2 powdered on the sugar, just due to familiarity of the ingredients in the naughty version. Can’t wait to try it later this evening.

  4. Thank you for this recipe. I just put my second one in the oven. I made the first one last week and my family and friends loved it so much that I didn’t have much. I think this might end up noir regular rotation.

  5. Can you give me more nutritional info please. How many slices is this pie and what is the fiber? ( figuring out net carbs) thank you!

    • Logan Childress


      All of our recipes are calculated on net carbs rather than total. So, for this particular recipe there are 3g net carbs per serving.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I almost stopped eating it cause I thought it was too good to be truly low carb!! Very filling too! I used my big stand mixer and got it really fluffy and it came out almost like a soufflé!

  7. The filling up was good but the crust burned. 😉 So filling it is.

  8. Anyone ever use a stand mixer and maybe mix a little too long? Mine looked like whip cream going into the oven and it’s puffing up like a soufflé now. I hope I didn’t ruin it!

    • Logan Childress


      It might end up with a bit of a different consistency (lighter/fluffier), but I would be willing to bet it will still taste the same.

  9. I mafe this today and I must say it is delicious! My husband liked it too! I can’t wait for tomorrow to have another slice’

  10. Ok. So here’s the thing. And maybe it’s because I REALLY like my sweets, and I struggle with that on Keto. But, this freaked me out!! My kids hated it. My very picky husband said “I don’t know, I don’t think it’s bad”. That was weird. I let it sit for several hours. It was on the back on the stove while I was making dinner. When we ate it, it was still slightly warm, but I thought that would be ok since reheating methods were mentioned. I almost tossed it. But I stuck it in the fridge and pulled it out today and the consistency was solid (yesterday it was quiche like or looser and the crust seemed raw-ish). I will say I was SHOCKED to find it tasted like a cheesecake shortbread and I REALLY enjoyed it. So. Having said that, if you find yourself not liking it warm the first day, throw it in the fridge and try it again later. Thinking of putting this in a square pan and cutting it into bars or squares. Might be a nice fat bomb alternative. So thank you Logan for this exhaustive post and all of your hard work inventing this delightfully ood recipe.

  11. Dennise Lupsa

    We really enjoyed this dessert but I made a few modifications. I used coconut flour, added an egg white to the crust as well as a 1/4 cup of Heavy whipping cream. It was a cup of coconut flour. It was a little dry that’s why I added some moisture to the crust. This made it so yummy. I think adding in some lemon zest would be nice too.

  12. Sherry Parker

    This is amazing, thank you so much for the recipe. It’s now my favorite keto dessert !!

  13. This is a new staple for me. This pie is Amazing! I would be happy to serve it to my non Keto family. It is that good. Thanks so much! I will be trying your other recipes for sure.

    • Logan Childress


      Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you love it.

      • Antoinette Champeau

        I made a video of your pie yesterday. Here’s the link:
        I realized when I watched it that I didn’t mention your site :/ So sorry but I did link this page in the description box so they will come here to print the recipe :). I would like it if you would post my link anywhere you want and would love it if you would subscribe to my channel where you can see more of your recipes in the future. Love this pie!
        Antoinette Nora on YouTube

      • Antoinette,

        Thanks for the video!

  14. This was absolutely wonderful. I could serve this at a family dinner and no one would know it was keto. I used Swerve, half granular and half powdered. I did have a problem with the crust sticking to the pie pan, but we just crumbled the crust on top. Delish! I got 8 slices, but because I found it to be very rich, I think I’ve be happy with 12 servings instead of 8. This is definitely a keeper!

  15. OMG! This was so good! I seriously think I could eat the whole pie. And we like it cold too.

  16. Is the carb count net carbs or total carbs?

    • Logan Childress


      It is net carb count.

      • Update to earler comment: YUMMO!! One thing I learned is the almond crust will get a bitter flavor if it is allowed to get too dark. Try for just barely golden on the pie top, & the bitter is probably avoided. Mine was probably only 2 minutes over….33 minutes should have done it, I think. I will DEFINITELY make this again the next time I cycle back to keto.

      • Logan Childress


        Glad you liked it and sorry about the slight bitter taste!

  17. By far one of my favorite desserts! I loved it. I have made it several times and it just gets better each time! Thank you

  18. I am excited to try my pie! I made it this morning

  19. The photos look like mini tart dishes perhaps? Can this be made into small individual tart pans instead of the whole pie and what would you recommend the baking time be?

    • Logan Childress


      The recipe can be made that way, yes. The bake time would be reduced by roughly half. Just make sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t over or under cook.

  20. Glenda Elam

    I noticed that you said splenda has calories ive been using this for years and didnt know that it doesnt show that on the package how many does it have also monk fruit has erythritol and that stuff (sorry) gives me so much gas

    • Logan Childress


      Splenda does have hidden carbs. Anything that has a serving size of 1 tsp isn’t required by law to list any nutritional information. Some do, some don’t. It’s due to the ingredients in Splenda and the ingredients used to bind the sweetener to the powder. For instance, 1/2 cup of Splenda has 12 carbs. The monk fruit sweetener does have erythritol, but both have a glycemic index of 0, meaning they don’t affect your blood sugar.

  21. I made this for dessert, but none of us ended up wanting it after dinner… Completely crazy, I know!! What’s the best way to store it for later?

    • Logan Childress


      It will be even better later! The best and easiest way to store it is to cover it and refrigerate it. You can alternatively store it (covered) at room temperature, such as in your microwave. Either one works! Let us know what you think!

  22. I stumbled across this recipe on the same day I had made a pan of chess squares for a work party. It was sheer torture not to eat the warm, gooey, sweet dessert. Alas, I have found an excellent replacement with your recipe. Thank you! Now I don’t have to feel like I’m being forced to sit on the dessert sidelines since I have chosen a low carb lifestyle. I’ve made these twice already with Pyure sweetener and it tastes amazing!

  23. Lynn Holloway

    This recipe is a keeper. I added lemon to the filling. I just tried using a variety of flours in the crust – almond, peanut & coconut. Also added cinnamon and a little vanilla to the crust.

  24. How many servings is the carb/ calorie based on?

    • Logan Childress


      Should show on the nutrition facts, but it is based off 8 slices. I have refreshed the facts from my side, so hopefully, it will show again for you.

  25. Could I omit the crust altogether and just pour the filling into a pie pan? Would that work or is the crust needed? Thank You?

    • Logan Childress


      You probably could do that, but you’d need to be careful about the baking time. You would need to be sure to monitor it so the bottom doesn’t burn.

      • I think I’ll try it and closely moniter it. Will report back! Thanks.

      • Karen,

        Thanks for letting us know how it turned out! Keto on!

      • I made it in a silicon muffin pan and baked for 20 minutes at 350, got 11 servings. In refrigerator cooling but the one I tried warm was delicious! Hopefully they will come out of the pan okay once thoroughly cooled but oh my goodness they are delicious! Thank you for this recipe!

  26. Do you have to use a glass pie pan?

  27. Sandra Wallgren

    I made this and loved it, however, when I entered the recipe into my Carb Manager app, it showed the calories as 440. I followed the recipe exactly. What would account for the difference?

    • Logan Childress


      I just ran the numbers again using the online nutrition calculator I normally use. This time, it told me there were 10,000 calories for the entire thing, which is crazy! I tried to figure out what was wrong and found that it was counting almond flour as having almost 5,000 of those calories, which definitely isn’t right either! I decided to go back and do it by hand and ended up with 330 calories, using the ingredients and brands listed. I think the lesson learned here is probably best I don’t trust the online calculator quite as much as I was… Hope this helps and so sorry for the confusion.

  28. Can you double this and cook in a 9x 13?

  29. For swetner can I use stevia and would I use the same exact amount

    • Logan Childress


      You can absolutely use stevia. I would suggest, just to be safe, you add some then mix and taste to make sure you get it the desired level of sweet. If it is liquid stevia, adding an even amount would probably make it sickeningly sweet. Using an even amount of powdered stevia would probably be fine, but different brands sweeten to different levels. Thus, the add some and taste approach. Hope this helps!

  30. Does it have to be lakanto golden or will regular work?

    • Logan Childress


      Either will work. We just like the golden because it can function as a regular “sugar” or a brown “sugar” taste.

  31. HOLY SH!T!@#$ This was sooooo dangerously delicious. It’s keto but I busted my calorie count bc I couldn’t stop nibbling on it. I’m filing away for potlucks for my non-keto friends…they’ll have no idea I’m sticking to my eating plan with this dish. My goodness, this is the first keto dessert that passes for the real deal. Bravo!

  32. Could this crust be used for the pecan pie recipe???

    • Logan Childress


      Yes, it surely could. You can spread it out in the bottom of a pie plate like a crust and bake it for a few minutes to get the crust you are looking for.

  33. Allergic to almonds, could I use coconut flour and do you know how much by chance ?

    • Logan Childress


      You can substitute the coconut flour with the same measurement. The changes will come with the “liquid” components of the crust. You will probably need to have some extra melted butter on hand to give the mixture a bit more moisture. Hope this helps! Let us know how it works!

  34. MaryAnn Parrish

    Made it last night. It’s delicious. Mine had more of a creamy/custard consistency–rather than distinct crumbs. Think I’ll omit crust next time. It was too greasy–didn’t add to my enjoyment.

    • Logan Childress


      So glad you made the recipe and we are sorry you didn’t like the crust. Hopefully, you can tweak it all and make it your own. That’s the great thing about recipes!

  35. I am excited to try this. This question is about sweeteners. Currently right now I have been using truvia, but I don’t care for it. Do you think monk fruit is a better taste option? I just started this big change in diet and looking for the options I will like. Thanks

    • Logan Childress


      We highly recommend the monk fruit because unlike most other sweeteners, it’s monk fruit bound to erythritol granules. That’s it, nothing more. Both are no glycemic impact and taste just as good as sugar in most cases. I use the Lakanto golden a lot because it has the taste properties of brown sugar which you can’t find in other sweetener options. Of course, this is just our opinion but hope it helps!

  36. This sounds amazing.. I have never used monk fruit, have no idea how it tastes but usually us splenda or swerve.. Any suggestions on using these alternatives ? Thank you, Tracy

    • Logan Childress


      Monk fruit is a really good sweetener, which is why we use it all the time. Really no glycemic impact on blood sugar and it has no fillers or additives. As for alternatives, you certainly can use them, but be careful about the hidden carbs they contain. Swerve is a much better option than Splenda because of that reason alone. Hope this helps!

  37. Can I use erythritol instead?

    • Logan Childress


      You can use erythritol, but I would highly recommend using the powdered variety. Regular erythritol won’t dissolve quite like Lakanto will and you might end up with a gritty end product. You’ll also probably want to up it to 3/4 cup in the filling. Let us know if this turns out well!

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