How To Make Boiled Eggs in an Air Fryer

How To: Boil Eggs with an Air Fryer

Air Fryers have to be one of the best cooking inventions of the decade! They can be used to quickly cook a ton of foods. Boiled eggs are a staple of low-carb and ketogenic diets, and with an air fryer, in just a few short minutes, you can have a batch of eggs that are just as yummy as boiled but are accompanied by zero cleanups!

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Directions for Boiling Eggs in an Air Fryer

  1. Place 4 large eggs in the air fryer basket
  2. Turn the air fryer to 350°F and set the timer for 10 minutes
  3. Play a game or check out social media on your phone/tablet while you wait
  4. When done, use tongs and place the eggs in a bowl filled with cold water and ice cubes
  5. After the eggs are cool, peel and eat!


  1. Wait, what? I gotta try this! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. can I boil a cup of water in my fryer? How can I warm up left oivers

    • Logan Childress


      You can boil water in your air fryer. I am not sure of the exact specs, but I would set it to at least 400˚F and place the water into a glass measuring cup and into the fryer basket. Check every 4 minutes or so until it’s boiling. Be careful when removing it.

  3. Just boiled 4 eggs in my air fryer 10 mins is not enough maybe 12 to 15 min because the yolk was not done all the way.

  4. Just got my air fryer and I have been searching for recipes. Thanks for this one. I’ve been Keto for the past year and I eat a lot of boiled eggs. Now I can cook them in my air fryer. So excited. Thanks..!

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